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Alba Godfrey
Senior Project Coordinator, EuroHealthNet

Alba is a Senior Project Coordinator at EuroHealthNet, the European partnership for health, equity and wellbeing. EuroHealthNet is a leading partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health, and reducing inequalities. The partnership’s approach focuses on health in all policies, working on determinants across the life course, and contributing to the sustainability and wellbeing of people and planet. Alba’s work focuses on the area of environmental health and health equity, helping to translate cutting-edge research into policy and practice and advocate for a green and just transition. She coordinates the Research Platform and leads EuroHealthNet’s contribution in a number of Horizon Europe projects such as BEST-COST (on improving methodologies for the socio-economic cost assessment of environmental stressors such as air and noise pollution), and RESONATE (on building individual and community resilience through nature-based therapies). When she joined EuroHealthNet in 2019, Alba worked on the Horizon 2020 INHERIT project, which aimed to jointly improve health, equity, and environmental sustainability. Alba holds a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. She is French and British.


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